"I help people become more confident & comfortable in their own skin."

On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high):

How comfortable are you in your own skin?

"I help people become more confident & comfortable in their own skin."

On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high):

How comfortable are you in your own skin?

For a very long time, I struggled with confidence. I didn't know who I was. I pretended to be someone I wasn't, just to get by. Everyone I knew thought that I was confident, but in reality I was fighting a battle inside. And I was losing. 

You won't believe how many social events I've turned down over the years, opportunities in my early career and chances to travel; all because I was lacking in self confidence and self esteem. 

When we lack confidence we often end avoiding what life has to offer to us because we don't feel good enough, worthy enough or are in-decisive. 

It's why I am so passionate about helping men and women stand up for themselves, grow their confidence and live a life which they can be happy with.

Now I am confident and happy, I feel free, lighter and full of joy.

You can be too. 


There's no fluff here. Just real actionable tips and advice on how to take charge of your life in every area, and become the most confident version of you ever. 



Sarah R.

"Helped me gain back my confidence that I thought I had lost."


"Can't thank you enough for opening my mind to a new way of thinking. So happy and free."

Lynne T.

"David gave me the courage to push myself out of my comfort zone..."

Who is David Rahman?

David is the go to coach for men and women looking to build confidence and get comfortable in their own skin. Travelling the world, he has spent the last two decades helping countless men and women go from being 'I lack confidence' to 'I have never been so happy in being me!'.

David will give you access to information about how to REALLY become confident. No fluff involved. Just blunt and honest tips and advice on how to develop confidence, grow it and keep it!

David will give you... How to become more confident in relationships, career and business. No fluff involved.

Learn 18 Strategies To Instantly Change Your Confidence

Confidence is not something we are born with. It is something we develop over time. We can grow it, but we can also lose it. Life events and experiences shape our confidence, leaving us with a variable confidence baseline by the time we are 21 years old. You can change it starting today.

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Viv R.

He has given me the tools and confidence to keep working on myself so I can change the way I think...

Natalie P.

I was scared of my own shadow. Constantly crying. Now back to my normal carefree self. I am very grateful

Ashley W.

I now look at things differently....your guidance has helped me tremendously and changed my life 100%

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