Resources To Help You Manage Your Emotions And Build Resilience.

Mind Coach & Speaker David Rahman has provided tools and strategies to help you manage your emotions, build confidence and increase your inner resilience.  Also free live daily ZOOM classes

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Wednesday July 1st 12.30pm

Topic: How To Start Managing Your Emotions
Time: Jul 1, 2020 12:30 PM London

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'Calm' Visio-Meditation

In this visio-meditation David helps you calm your mind. About 5 mins long. Relaxing and convenient.


'The Beach' Visio-Meditation

In this meditation you are taken to a beach. This relaxing meditation is about 12-13 mins long, and will help you relax


Morning Mindset 

In this audio David shares with you the top 4 questions to start every day. The day starts off in a more positive fashion leaving you feeling good.


How To Get Past Panic Attacks

Stress can build up leading to a panic attack.In this audio David helps you get past panic attacks. 


Breaking Stress E-book

David describes powerful ways to change your mood and refocus your mind during stressful times. 


Confidence - Ebook 

In this ebook, David describes techniques to build your confidence. This is a PDF you can refer to repeatedly.


Confidence - AUDIOBOOK version

In this audiobook you can listen and learn 18 strategies to help you become more confident. This can then help you transform a part of your life which needs more confidence.


'The Wishing Well' Visualisation

Learn how to let go of the past using this powerful visualisation, and feel more calm and confident. This will help you ability to stay in the moment, instead of feeling trapped.


The Attitude Power Of Gratitude 

In this AUDIO, I explain the power behind the attitude of gratitude and how it can shift your brain into refocussing your mindset. The most powerful way of thinking.


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