Get Away!

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Imagine yourself in a stressful situation. You can't stop thinking of a meeting in Brooklyn Heights coming up in a couple of weeks. Something which could be life changing for your business.

Often I get my life coaching clients in New York and London to actually leave where they are at. By simply changing our location, it has been found that you can reduce stress levels and anxiety immediately, as your mind is focussed on something new, and totally different.

Our minds have the capacity to overthink, thereby leaving us feeling helpless, stressed and tired from a lack of sleep.

If you have the luxury of leaving the country and going to a gorgeous place like a Greek Island then do it! If not, then perhaps you could leave your office and go for a stroll around Central Park to collect your thoughts. The key is in the words 'collect your thoughts'. Making sense of our faulty and disrupted thinking can relieve you of overwhelm, gain clarity and you get to make much better decisions.

The takeaway: your geography can determine your thinking and feelings.

David Rahman is a specialist mind coach, and life coach in London and New York. He is the creator the Blue Print Process ®, Let It Go Programme ® and F.I.T Mind Model ®. David speaks around the world and works with private clients looking to improve their self confidence and self esteem. His podcast is called 'The Mind Coach' is featured on iTunes.

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