Everyone Is Going Somewhere Else!

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Everyone has a story. Their beginning and end are always different to ours. Since the advent of social media, people globally can now see online what other people are doing with their lives. At least to the extent that these people want us to see. Consequently people now more than ever compare their lives. Gone are the days of 'keeping up with the Joneses' in your street. It's now crossed borders.

Over comparing our lives is now seen as one of the biggest sources of stress and low moods in society. You look online and someone called 'Jill has checked into the Hilton Heathrow airport' or 'Dan has checked into The Hard Rock Cafe New York'! Everyone wants to show you where they are, and you enviously want to be there.

It's human nature to compare. We want the best for ourselves. Some people think they deserve the best. Some people at the subconscious level believe they don't.

Research has indicated that a real condition called Facebook depression now exists. When the belief starts to impact on your self worth, this is the time to take stock.

Everyone is really on their own journey. Once we understand this reality, then it can be a significant breakthrough in our ceiling of confidence.

Pro tip:

A simple yet effective power statement to place on a post it note and observe daily is

'Everyone is on their own journey.'

Even seeing this will act as reminder to you to snap out of your trance created by the online reality otherwise known as social media..


David Rahman is a specialist mind coach, and life coach in London and New York. He is the creator the Blue Print Process ®, Let It Go Programme ® and F.I.T Mind Model ®. David speaks around the world and works with private clients looking to improve their self confidence and self esteem. His podcast is called 'The Mind Coach' and is featured on iTunes.

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