The Power Of Observation

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Have a look around you. Now close your eyes. Smell what you can smell. Feel what you can feel. For a vast majority of our lives, we may be passing from one scene in our life to the next. However we fail to pause, observe, reflect and take in the beauty of the situation. Take for example walking near trees and nature. Stop and look. It's easy yet very few of us do. Have you noticed that whenever you have been unwell in the past, you can't wait to get outside and breathe some fresh air and see the world. Why not do it now?


By pausing at moments in the day, we miss less of our life, and often get 'aha' moments when we allow ourselves to reflect. Give yourself permission starting today


Why not stop what you could be doing later on today and observe what's around you? Breathe deeply, close your eyes and enjoy that moment of solitude. You may only manage 1 minute. That's a start.

I worked with a client high up in a big tech company recently in the Upper West Side of New York, who was suffering from overwhelm. His complaint about his life was that the years were passing him by and that this had left him feeling a degree of sadness. Not only that, he was feeling unfulfilled.

What could you do differently today to change the course of your life? One small decision?

David Rahman is a specialist mind coach, and life coach in London and New York. He is the creator the Blue Print Process ®, Let It Go Programme ® and F.I.T Mind Model ®. David speaks around the world and works with private clients looking to improve their self confidence and self esteem. His podcast is called 'The Mind Coach' is featured on iTunes.

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