The Single Step To Kick Start Personal Growth

"What do I want?"

Most people don't know what they want. They know what they don't want, and tend to over focus on this. What would happen of if you truly knew what you wanted? Would you take more purposeful action to obtain it?

The first step to achieving what you'd like is to be aware of who you are and what you want. What do I mean by who you are? Simply put - find out what you are doing daily that is leading you to the result that you are currently experiencing.

It may be that you feel you don't have friends. Examine your habits to see why this is the case. How do you tend to meet people? Are you accepting social invitations? Are you a member of any clubs? Where do you spend most of your time?

Maybe you feel that you're broke at the end of every month. Again, examine the spending habits that could be leaving you broke by the end of the month. When we examine our habits, we can identify a pattern which we are subconsciously playing out that's leading us to our current reality.

Pro-tip: carry around a small notebook and write down your exact habits for 30 days. In the notebook, write down what you're drinking, eating, spending money, exercising, listening to, watching on tv, who you're speaking to, what you're reading, what you're avoiding, what you're addicted to, what you keep doing, what promises you are keeping and which you are breaking, what's your sleep pattern like and are you self sabotaging yourself in any area? By examining the details of a month in your life, you will be able to become aware of the habits that are limiting you.

Remember: your daily habits define your life.

You can be sitting there on a bench in Greenwich Village in New York on a typical day in the fall, or laying in the park in central London: it doesn't matter. Get the notebook out and write!

It is a game changer. You then have the ability to make a decision on what needs to change. Seeing it on paper brings about into reality what you may have been avoiding or ignoring.

At this point you can ask your self

"What is this costing me?"

David Rahman is a specialist mind coach, and life coach in London and New York. He is the creator the Blue Print Process ®, Let It Go Programme ® and F.I.T Mind Model ®. David speaks around the world and works with private clients looking to improve their self confidence and self esteem. His podcast is called 'The Mind Coach' and is featured on iTunes.

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