Working As A New York Life Coach

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Life Coach In New York

One of the great things about working as a life coach with New York clients is their attitude. New Yorkers are a different species. They are driven, energetic, outspoken and very passionate about their city.

I was conducting a Skype session last week with a New York life coaching client who practices law. She had lived all her life in New York and felt that it was paradise on Earth, and why should she spend large amounts of cash and fly to far flung places? All she needs is in NYC. Now that’s passion and loyalty.

Whenever I land in JFK or New Jersey, I feel I am back in the most vibrant city on earth. It truly is a pleasure working as a life coach in New York.

I remember being stuck stuck in a traffic jam last year on the way to presenting a seminar. My Uber driver’s satellite navigation had suddenly broken, and he didn’t speak much English.

What a dilemma?! We did end up getting to my destination on time, but barely!

David Rahman is a specialist mind coach, and life coach in London and New York. He is the creator the Blue Print Process ®, Let It Go Programme ® and F.I.T Mind Model ®. David speaks around the world and works with private clients looking to improve their self confidence and self esteem. His podcast is called 'The Mind Coach' and is featured on iTunes.

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