David was recommended to me when I found myself suffering from extreme anxiety and panic attacks after a sustained difficult period in my career and in some aspects of my personal life.

I was at a very low point but from the very first session with David it felt like I had been thrown a lifeline.

The strategies he has developed through the “Let it go programme” have genuinely transformed the way I look at life and has transformed my self-image.

Negative attitudes that I thought would be impossible to change have gone and after only a few months of working with David I am a far more positive person and happy person and am relishing the challenges of my life and career.

Is it an easy fix? Absolutely not! It takes being honest with yourself, being courageous and persistent. Letting go of past hurts, failures and life’s injustices doesn’t happen overnight but I can highly recommend David as someone who can help you achieve it.

Rhidian D.  Senior Accountant (FCCA)

Attended 'mind coach 'session with scepticism. However found it to be enlightening and rewarding. I would throughly recommend it to anyone who requires personal assistance for whatever reasons.
I found David to be very friendly and personable. In just two sessions I could re-evaluate my situation, reflect and address life in a more positive way.

Anonymous - Senior Law Firm Partner U.K.

I'm a bit of a type A personality. I often fall into the trap of ticking things off of my to do list at the expense of losing sight of my higher-level personal and professional goals. 


David helped me confront this tendency by tackling my anxiety about under-delivering. 


At the same time, he's provided tools to practice greater efficiency. Thus, I feel like I have more time for the things that matter while being more relaxed. 


At the end of the day: life is not an emergency and shouldn't be treated like one. 


My sessions with David were very helpful, and I'd recommend him to any busy executive who struggles to manage their stress and personal/professional development. David is amazing at what he does!

Eliott M., CEO Jin Digital NYC 

Working with David over the past few years has been fundamental to me in not only helping identify the goals I wanted to set myself but enabling me to have the self-belief to achieve them. 


David's coaching in my personal and work life has helped me overcome many obstacles, identify what I truly value and motivates me and reach and exceed the goals I set myself.

I would highly recommend David to anyone who needs help and support in developing either on a personal or business level.

Marc Penny, Senior Manager

I have worked with David for the last two years. Initially he helped me come to terms with a dark period in my life and helped me come out the other side smiling. 


David's professional skills are unquestionable and are delivered very effectively. When this is coupled with his own special brand of cheeriness and his obvious enjoyment of life it is also a pleasurable experience. 


With David's help to sort my thinking out I now not only feel better about myself I am focused on new goals and looking forwards rather than back. You have to put your trust in David to benefit from the experience and you have to help yourself, if you do he will enrich your life. 


Personally I now think of him as a friend, a friend that I would happily help achieve his own personal goals. He is a great guy to have in your life.

John Carless, Senior Analyst Welsh Water

I worked with David for a number of months, when life had left me feeling really low, David has helped me completely turn my life around, I left a job that I hated and started my own business, and I could not have done this without David's help.


David gave me the confidence I needed to face my past and helped me to stop looking behind me and to look forward, and with the right tools I carry this on in my day to day life, I was very blessed to have David's help and I now class him as my life size guardian angel, 


Thank you David for helping me get my life back on track

Tracy Hazelwood, Owner Top Cat Nails

I have been a client of David's for some time now and have benefited hugely from us working together.

When I am clearly focused which David helps me achieve then my business can growth and develop

Jodie Grove, MD The Grove Clinics

I would highly recommend David to anyone. He really helped change my life around when I hit a crisis and I could not find a way forward. 


He is friendly, approachable and coupled with his indepth knowledge really helped make a difference to my life. Thank you David

Emma Jason, MD of VDub Wedding Wheels

I first met David at a taster session aimed at people who were looking to boost their confidence.

I had been aware of Davids work for some time but felt somewhat cynical towards it.  Nevertheless I decided to be open minded and go a long.  I was not disappointed!

The 2 hour free session flew by and covered so many interesting topics that I just had to find out more.

I then did the 6 week 'Let it go' course which covered the topics discussed in the taster (and so much more) in far more detail.

Until I started on this journey I didn't realise the damage I was doing to myself mentally.  The classic British 'stiff upper lip' was firmly in place and I didn't know anything other than 'just soldiering on'.

It was only when David explained the mind and anxieties and depressions, that the penny really dropped.  I was able to understand that I was carrying a lot of baggage.  The tools that David teaches are very simple and easy to follow and I felt able to implement them straight away.  The difference in my mindset was immediately noticeable to my family, friends and work colleagues.

Not long after the course I experienced some really testing times at work which the 'pre Let it go me' would have really struggled with.  Instead I trusted in the lessons David had taught me and I focussed on the positive.  I chose to respond positively, rather than react negatively to adversity.

I think the biggest thing I have taken from the course is that we don't have to settle for what we have.  Your mind needs exercise in just the same way any of your muscles do.  Many of us strive for that beach body look and work hard in the gym to achieve it, but we fail to exercise the thing that brings us true peace and happiness.  The mind!

David and his infectious enthusiasm can really help you achieve.  I've only just started my journey but I already know the future is brighter!

I cannot recommend David highly enough!  If you spend your time thinking 'what if', 'why me', 'if only', then make the change.  You won't be disappointed!

Nick S., Mobile Communications Telecoms

When I first started working with David I was scared of my own shadow. I had become a fragile, sad and frightened human being. I was too scared to leave my house and was constantly crying and shaking. I was continually worried about what might happen and what if…


I left work and I was off on the sick from my job due to anxiety and stress. I felt I couldn’t cope with life.


I started attending sessions with David for a few months and now feel amazing. He has made me realise what is important in life. It is not been easy, but with the Let It Go programme and support from David I am back! My partner Nigel thinks I am back to my old self. 


David’s programme has taught me how to let it go, and so I keep using the tools so that if worry or anxiety happens my mindset can deal with it immediately. During the sessions David taught me all about the Blueprint process and how you think the way you do. My own Blueprint was set up for me to think negatively all the time.  I would work most myself up into a state all the time. It affected my relationship with my partner and I wasn't able to focus on being the best mum I could be to my children. I was a walking talking ball negativity!


By working with David I have learned how to develop a fit-mind as he calls it. As a result I now know that I'm living for now rather than living in the past or living in the future. The Let It Go programme has allowed me to live a happier life. 


Things that I used to think that were important to me are not anymore. For example I used to worry about my house being perfectly clean in case anyone visited. This would ruin my day as I was only focused on keeping it clean and worrying about what people think. Knowing how to let ago has been a journey which has taken me back to my normal and carefree self which I am forever grateful to David.


I highly recommend David’s program if you are looking to deal with anxiety or if you're feeling in a low depressed mood.


I am now looking to start a new career working with very young pre-school children. I feel I now know where I am going in life! 

Natalie P., Nursery Nurse Manager

Before I saw David, I was so confused and had anxiety. I didn't know what to do. I thought I was just going through a bit of a rough patch. 


After the first session of the Let It Go programme I felt relieved and as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I knew exactly what I wanted. I knew I had to change.


I now know what I want and am now looking into how I can get there. 


It feels like I can talk to David about anything and that he understands me. The atmosphere is so calm and I feel relaxed during and after every session. He helps me realise things that I probably wouldn't realise if I hadn't' seen him. I now have a catchup with David every few months just to keep myself moving forward.


I would literally recommend him to anyone. Even if you think everything is perfect, sometimes you're just fooling yourself. He can help anyone and has helped change my life for the better. 

Ashley S., Construction Industry

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